Learn Everything,

Do Anything

Rebilder is a classroom alternative that use apprenticeships, hands-on experiences, and self-learning to accelerate skill development and offer guaranteed jobs at a net-zero cost.

Self-Learning Tools

Build the foundation you need to reach expertise in any skill or industry.

Commonplace Journals

Commonplace Journals are pocket-sized self-learning guides designed to help you learn faster, get more done, and develop the habits you need to reach any goal

RebilderU Accelerated Memory Courses

RebilderU uses guided memory techniques, simulated experiences, and an agile learning approach to provide you with years worth of factual knowledge in just hours.

Rebilding Excellence

Move closer to mastery in just 15 minutes a day as top performers and world-class experts teach you the habits, skills, and day-to-day grind needed to reach the highest levels of success. Then go out and do it yourself.

Guided Learning Programs

Learn from local experts while gaining valuable real-world experiences and building a professional resume and portfolio.

RebilderX Apprenticeships

Paid apprenticeship programs enable you to earn a college equivalent education in half the time, at zero net-cost, and with guaranteed employment. Spend your time working on real projects alongside experienced professionals instead of sitting in class.

RebilderLS Collaboration Hubs

Industrial workspaces filled with all the tools you need to build, test, and sell your own product, service, or technology. RebilderLS also hosts project-based learning initiatives, global challenges, and events led by leading experts, innovators, and performers


Degrees are outdated

Test and verify your knowledge, experience, and skill-level – a verifiable, living record of your achievements and capabilities. Earn badges and skill-points by completing local learning opportunities, working any job, and reaching verified achievements. Boost your earning potential, get your dream job, and prove your worth without wasting your time and money on a degree.